Plastic Carrier Bag is an Economical Promotional Product

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May 302012

A plastic carrier bag which has been branded with your company logo and brand name can be a perfect promotional product for any industry. Most companies might fail to miss selecting an economical product such as this, but it is very effective in providing the required exposure for your business and brand name. These bags are so cost-effective when purchased in bulk, that you can consider distributing them at events such as trade shows, exhibitions, road-shows, trade fairs etc.

Most business companies would think that these types of bags are only appropriate for retail, restaurant or similar industries, where these bags are required for customers to carry their purchases, take-away food or leftovers. Since they are available in a variety of styles and sizes, these bags are ideal as gift bags, trade show giveaways, for conferences and so much more.

A promotional product is a product that should be able to take your message effectively to your potential customers and the open market, in general. An aspect to strongly consider with a Plastic Carrier Bag is the large imprint area. This is very advantageous when compared to the thousands of other promotional products that are found in the market. It is capable of taking in a well laid out design of your logo, brand name and marketing message. You will have the freedom of attractively taking your message across; you can be sure that it will reach out to a large amount of potential customers.

There are many online web stores that deal with promotional merchandise, many of them specialising only in the manufacture of bags. To get yourself familiarised with these products you can browse these sites at your leisure and study the different categories and select a Plastic Carrier Bag that will suit your requirement. The bag you select will strongly depend on your available budget and personal preferences; it should also be appropriate for your target audience.

The bag which is common as a promotional product is the plastic bag which is styled like a shopping tote with two cord handles. Bags with die-cut handles have also proved to be a successful promotional bag because they are easy to carry and transport. Depending on your target audience you will also need to consider what type of items your potential customers will carry in these bags. Based on these basic factors, you will be able to select the right product for your marketing campaign. As mentioned above there is a wide range of bags that will suit every requirement.

The Plastic Carrier Bag can be elegantly customised; these facilities are available at the suppliers too. It comes in one package. There are a variety of print styles which you can choose according to your budget. Your main objective is to design a bag that will give you good exposure and make your brand name recognised amongst potential customers and the consumer world.

Today, there is a great concern on the global environmental hazards and business companies too have taken a step forward in working hard towards the protection of the environment. In order to achieve this business companies now have the option of also selecting an eco-friendly Plastic Carrier Bag as their promotional product.

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Plastic Machinery Trade Fairs Around the World

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May 302012

Plastic machinery trade fairs are a very popular and effective forum for buyers and sellers to not only interact but also conclude mutually beneficial business deals. You can develop contacts here and learn about technologies. At any given point in time there is a trade exposition happening; each has its own strong points. You cannot be present at each and every plastic machinery event there is but there is no harm in keeping abreast of developments. Every such event is an opportunity for manufacturers to showcase something new. There is no substitute to seeing a machine live in action and a fair is a great opportunity to compare machinery in terms of cost, performance, maintenance, etc.

The biggest and the best plastic machinery and rubber industry trade fair is the K trade fair to be held in Germany this year, from 27thOctober to 3rdNovember. It is one of the leading machinery events in Europe and attracts suppliers, traders, brokers, buyers, etc. On display are raw materials, intermediate materials, machines, finished items, semi-finished products, etc. The K trade fair is looked forward to eagerly by buyers that wish to learn about the best European plastic manufacturing machinery. This trade fair takes place once every three years.

Another popular triennial trade fair is the NPE, the last edition of which was held in 2009 in Washington D.C, America. Orlando, Florida will play host to the 2012 NPE.

Here are some trade events that should be of interest to you if you are connected in any way to the plastics industry.

  • INTERPLASTICA 2010 – This machinery fair is held in Russia. The 13thINTERPLASTICA was organized in Moscow between 26th- 29thJanuary 2010. This event Is always well-attended by manufacturers from Europe and buyers from all over the world.
  • Brasilpack – Sao Paulo, Brazil played host to this fair that attracted more than 20,000 visitors over the five days that it ran. It was scheduled from 22nd- 26thMarch, 2010 and suppliers from 30 countries participated. This is one of the marquee plastics machinery trade fairs in South America.
  • Plastec Russia – Another Russian event held in St. Petersburg from 9th-12thMarch, 2010. This event has a reputation of attracting businesspersons of diverse profiles from niches that include plastics, processing and production machinery, molds, machinery components, etc.
  • Plast Imagen – Latin Americans in the plastics business have this trade fair to look forward to. As with so many other fairs, this one too was held in March, from 23rd-26th, in Mexico City, Mexico.
  • Plastika Italy – Parma saw the convergence of buyers, sellers, and dealers interested in plastics industry between 25th-27thMarch, 2010. The machinery on display included extrusion lines, injection & blow molding, preprocessing and recycling machines.
  • PLASTEX – The Middle East and North African region (MENA) is where this fair is held. The 2010 edition was hosted in Cairo from 13thMay to 16thMay and logged in a very impressive 500 exhibitors.
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Promotional Plastic Mugs – The Perfect Brand Building Strategy

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May 302012

It seems like the difficult problem of selecting the right product for your business promotion campaign is over. To make the most of your promotional endeavours, you need to distribute your promotional plastic mugs at the right places and at the right time. There are a number of ways to distribute such items both free of coat as well as at a price. Here they are:

Business Events: These include seminars, convocations, conventions, exhibitions as well as conferences. Along with your products and services, take along your promotional products to such places as well. Every time your clients buy your products or get into a contrary with you to avail your services, include a plastic mug with your company name and logo imprinted on it.Business exhibitions are not only about displaying your products for the client. You can also display your promotional items along with them. Tradeshows and seminars are happening in the country all the time and you can make use of such opportunities to get your business noticed. Promotional Plastic Mugs are a universal gift item and can be distributed along with any kind of products and services.

Through Mail: This method has been used time and again by business operating in the print media sector, such as business magazines, digests etc. To promote their magazines and digests, these companies have resorted to gifting cool looking, durable and handy promotional gift item along with their subscriptions. If you are operating in this sector, you can make use of promotional plastic mugs with your company name and logos imprinted on it and give them away as freebies to people subscribing to your products and services.

Retail Counters: Good promotional products like promotional plastic mugs aren’t only supposed to be given away as freebies. You can also sell them at retail counters. A number of well known brands today make a lot of money, just by selling promotional products, products that aren’t remotely connected to their line of business. You can try this too! All you need to do is make sure that your promotional mugs are trendy, eye-catching and durable.

Contests: This is a fairly new trend but has caught with a number of well known brands all across the planet. Let’s take an example: A particular cola brand recently carried out a road show. They moved from place to place like malls and busy markets on buses and trucks and invited the general public to participate in some cool, funny contests. They promised a hamper full of their company’s promotional products to the winner. This is one of the newest ways to distribute a promotional product. We hope you’ll be able to make good use of this information!

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